Direct Marketing Tips for Enhanced Business Experience

Direct marketing is a kind of sales where the customers are approached by the advertisers directly with their products and services. Some of the most common forms of the marketing include emails, telephone calls, leaflets, catalogs, coupons and brochures etc. In order to be successful the companies involved in direct marketing may need to use very effective and compelling strategies. Here are a few direct marketing tips which could be useful.

Customers are the main aspect of any business. So it is of utmost importance to keep them with good customer service. This will lead to proactive customers which lead to enhanced business and loyalty. You should also have the ability to anticipate things. For example, when a particular customer is ready to buy the products you have to know why the product will be useful for that particular customer. You should be able to convince the customer of its benefits. You should also be able to know why they are interested to buy the products when the same is available with the competitors.

When communicating with your target audience you have to use excellent presentation facts, choose your words carefully and build a rapport with an informal tone. This will help you to get closer to the audience and present your information in a better way. A simple way to enhance your business is to have a simple and easy brand name. It has to be pronounceable and free of any negative connotation too.

This helps the customers to remember it often and also suggest it to other interested customers. Another important fact is presence. You have to be present in the market always. While some companies come and go on a temporary basis people should be aware of your regular and continuous presence to generate interest in your company and products. For more information on direct mail check out offline arbitrage.

Essential Direct Marketing Tips for Your Business

Direct marketing is not as difficult as it seems. Test, track and count your profits, that’s how I do it. Let’s break down some of the details in some of my most powerful direct marketing tips.

Make sure you know your numbers… Figure how much income and units you need to sell in order to break even. Money matters first, the percentage rate follows. Our goal is to make money, not watch out for percentage rates. The standard is 1%. Say if we get a .5% but still make money, are we going to quit? I don’t think so.

Next, you’re going to want to key code just about everything you can. This way you can track what works, what doesn’t and in the long run will help you produce a better converting direct mail campaign.
You’re also going to want to test everything. The copy, the design of the package, the offer itself, the pricing and the time you mail out. This is where they key codes will help since they will be tracking everything for you.

Be an informed list buyer. Lists are typically used for one time, as they belong to the list owner. However, once they reply to your offer, they’re yours. You’re going to have to be flexible. The list owners also require a sample of your offer, even just a rough sample to give them a heads up of what you’re going to be mailing to their list. Other things to keep in mind when dealing with lists, is the time. Sometimes lists get delivered in 24 hours, sometimes a week or two. Most list companies have a minimum of 5000 names. And almost always a prepayment is required. So keep all those things in mind when dealing with list brokers and list owners.

Start building your own mailing list. Using your customers, leads from trade shows, inquires, etc.
You need to focus on the wants of your audience. A good list professional will also be specific.
Be knowledgeable of each list type. There are email lists, direct mail lists, telemarketing lists, etc.
Consider other sources as well. There are plenty of places you can rent a list of names from. Associations, subscribers, compiled, etc.

You should determine the list price. Typically in direct mail, the lists have a base price per thousand, or “M”.

How are these lists supplied? CD, email, label stock? This can all have an effect on the timing of your campaign.

To get your envelope opened, I suggest you use a live stamp. This is one of the most important direct marketing tips I can share with you now… it’s worth the extra expense. That way your envelope will not get mistaken for junk mail. You’re also going to want to consider using a short teaser copy to entice the recipient to open your letter.

Use color in your letter effectively by using a blue signature or use different colors sparingly throughout to help emphasize your important points.

Give your recipients all the information they need in the direct mail piece. Tell them about the features, functions and benefits of your offer, the more the better!

If you’re sending out an email, be short and to the point. Use the subject as the teaser and link to your homepage in your email.

Next up, you’re going to want to use a professional. Use a list broker or company that has years of experience. You don’t want to start off using another company just looking to rip you off, therefore leaving you with no more money to pursue your project.

Hopefully you’ll consider these direct marketing tips when working on your own direct response campaign. They work for me and I’m confident they will work for you as well.